“Get to know you” Consult

My son was the best little sleeper until he turned two years old and transitioned out of a crib. All of a sudden we had chaotic sleepless nights for months. We tried all that we could to get him sleeping better but nothing worked.

Out of desperation, I asked social media for recommendations and sure enough multiple people recommended Kyrie. We reached out and with just a brief consult learned so much!

We had to schedule our sleep package a few weeks out due to the holidays but we didn’t let that stop us. We took her advice from the consult and by the time our scheduled package came around, our son was already sleeping better and in his bed! For 11-12 hours! It was amazing!!

We cannot believe how well he is sleeping and its all from a brief consult. We’re so thankful to have met Kyrie and will definitely keep her in our back pocket incase anything else comes up.


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