“When we started working with Kyrie we were at our wits end–spending 1-2 hours each night struggling to put our daughter to sleep.  We thought we were doing everything right, but it was not working.  Kyrie listened to us, educated us, and immediately identified several things we could improve.  She gave us options and let us decide how to approach each step, and then she developed a detailed plan for our family.  We are in a much better place now with sleep, and our daughter frequently puts herself to sleep without crying–what a relief!  Kyrie’s experience as a child care provider and a mom give her so much relevant knowledge, and she also recognizes that every child and every family is different. It is wonderful to work with someone who provides you with different options so that you can choose what you are most comfortable with.  If you are struggling with your child’s sleep, we highly recommend working with Kyrie!”

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