Healthy Sleep Habits – Infant

This package is ideal for new or expecting parents who want to establish healthy sleep habits before they find themselves experiencing months of sleepless nights. Through education and support, I help families understand the science behind infant sleep and how it develops throughout the weeks. This plan allows for enough time with the family to help navigate through the continually changing sleep needs of an infant. 

This is not a sleep training package, instead we will be establishing healthy sleep habits to limit or prevent the need to sleep train at a later date and an older age 

A scheduled 2 hour virtual visit before baby arrives to support you in setting up a safe sleep environment

A personalized family plan to prepare for the first weeks of establishing healthy sleep habits for baby

4 months of follow up support via email, including up to 6 scheduled 90 minute virtual visits to support learning your baby’s personal sleepy cues, creating an age appropriate schedule, understanding temperament, etc.

A wrap up email offering any tips and tricks for continued success

Cost: $675 (with twins, triplets, etc incurring no extra charge)

Limited availability