About Kyrie

Kyrie - 406 Sleep Consulting

My name is Kyrie, I am a Montana native and new mom who has learned first hands the complexity of infant sleep with my own little boy. I have almost 20 years of direct care work with children ages 0-6. Most recently I owned and operated a child care business where I cared for children ages 0-5, napping them all successfully to the delight of my families. 

During my time in child care I started to see that the importance of a safe sleep environment. Paired with a consistent and calming sleep routine, I found sleeping at the proper times was a recipe for children being well rested. I noticed when I was able to provide children of all ages a healthy and restorative rest, they were happier, more cooperative, and more flexible to changes arising during their day. That began my journey of educating myself on infant and pediatric sleep. I completed my certification at the Family Sleep Institute during the Winter of 2020. I am now dedicated to helping educate families on the importance of sleep for children of all ages. 

My goal is to provide families with the knowledge and skill set they need to achieve their sleep goals. I will do this through support, coaching, accountability, and compassion. When working with me, it is actually the families I “train” to recognize and understand the science behind sleep along with the signs of an overtired child. Not only the child, but the family can have the restful and restorative sleep they need with just a few shifts of their schedule and routine. 

If you don’t find a package suitable for your family’s unique needs, don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss customizing a package.